The New Product I’m Trying for my Eye Health

Eye Health

Ever since I was a child, I have been experiencing problems with my vision. In addition to having a severe astigmatism that makes me extremely nearsighted, I also have annoying floaters. As you can probably imagine, this is totally frustrating on a day-to-day basis, and I need to see my eye doctor annually to have my eyes examined and receive the appropriate prescription for contact lenses and glasses.

Also, because of my high astigmatism, I have to purchase soft contact lenses known as toric contact lenses. This basically means that each lens has an area of extra thickness at a particular point in order to keep it sitting at the perfect angle while it is in my eye. If the lens shifts at all, my vision is no longer as clear as it should be. Frustrating? You have no idea.

An Aim to Take Control

As I get older, I am noticing more floaters and my prescription continues to change. Therefore, I think that it is time I start taking more control over my eye health, so I have been doing quite a bit of research into the nutrients that are necessary to maintain good vision naturally.

I have started incorporating more healthy foods into my daily diet, too, including colorful vegetables, like orange carrots and sweet potatoes, along with dark leafy greens, to try to feed my eyes from the inside. But I want to go a step beyond diet and I want to be sure I’m taking supplements that will ensure my vision can at least remain stable. 

I know that diet and supplementation won’t work miracles, and I know I will still need to see my eye doctor and rely upon contact lenses and glasses to see well. But I just want to be sure that I am doing everything I can to help my eyes age gracefully, and hopefully prevent problems that might develop in the future as well.

A List of Eye Care Supplements That Might Help

After spending a lot of time focused on figuring out what supplements would support the health of my eyes most effectively, I realized that lutein and zeaxanthin are two of the most important supplements to take on a daily basis. 

Lutein is considered a carotenoid, and a carotenoid is a pigment that occurs naturally and has strong antioxidant properties. Carotenoids are important for the health of your entire body, but they are especially helpful when it comes to supporting the health of your eyes, in particular.

You can get carotenoids, including lutein, in the right foods, but it would be really hard to get enough of this nutrient through your diet, especially if you are hoping to get enough to make your vision stronger. If you can manage to get enough lutein, you might be able to give your body what it needs to protect itself from a variety of ailments, such as macular degeneration, which can occur with age. Sounds good to me!

Zeaxanthin is the other nutrient that really stood out during my research into eye health and vision supplements. You can often find supplements that provide both lutein and zeaxanthin as a pair because they work really well together to promote the health of your eyes.

Both zeaxanthin and lutein are within the pigment of your eyes, and they are the only carotenoids that are actually found within the lens of the eye. If you do not have enough of this supplement, you could be more susceptible to eye issues that often develop with age.

Other vitamins and minerals that you can get through your diet and supplementation are also helpful when it comes to maintaining eye health and visual acuity. For example, I found out that vitamin A can help prevent oxidative stress on the eyes—the type of stress that is caused by free radicals and that can damage the cells of your eyes, resulting in macular degeneration that could lead to blindness.

Vitamin E can also help prevent eye problems like macular degeneration, particularly when it is taken with vitamin A and vitamin C. And vitamin C is another strong antioxidant that protects your overall health, including the health of your eyes. It, too, can help the body combat oxidative stress while providing extra protection to the cells within the eyes.

Selenium could help maintain the health of your eyes as well, and it has been shown to be beneficial to patients who suffer with glaucoma. On top of that, this mineral can help protect the strength of your retina, which is a vital component to your ability to see.

Finally, I noted that zinc can also help protect the eyes against conditions like macular degeneration. It even helps your body absorb vitamin A, which is another component to a good eye health supplement plan. 

The Product I’m Planning on Using: Visipro

Overall, I was amazed by how many studies are out there on eye health problems and the nutrients that might be able to prevent these ailments before they develop. So my next task was to find a supplement, or multiple supplements, that would provide me with the nutrients that I need to keep my eyes healthy as possible.

Thankfully, I found a product that contains all of the ingredients I discussed above: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, zinc, lutein, and zeaxanthin. The product is called Visipro, and I am planning on giving it a try. It is a balanced supplement that is affordable and easy to buy online, and it is also simple to take every day.

Visipro claims that its ingredients can support overall eye health, defend against macular degeneration, provide a defense against cataracts, and provide support for night vision, too. On top of all of that, it contains powerful antioxidants that will support not only my eyes, but also my entire body.

I was worried that I would end up having to purchase a lot of separate supplements and take a bunch of different pills every day, which would be a huge hassle, but when I found Visipro, I was happy to see that I could get everything I need in one convenient pill. All I have to do is take one or two of the softgels two times a day, in the morning and then again in the evening. That’s doable for my busy lifestyle, and I can easily add these into my daily routine of taking a balanced multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. 

Finally, I made it a point to check the ingredients label on Visipro, and I like the fact that all of the ingredients, including the inactive ones, are natural. The only thing I will say to my readers is that this product does contain soy, in case you need to avoid soy products. Other than that, the ingredients are not supposed to cause any side effects when taken as directed, so I’m thinking this is the ideal product to try first.

Hoping for Great Results 

I will start taking Visipro as soon as it arrives, and I honestly can’t wait. I believe I have found a great product that will help my vision, and I wanted to share it with you all. Here’s to seeing clearly and enjoying life!