Health Tools

tools for a healthy life

If you want to quickly boggle your own mind, do a search for healthful tools on Google or at your favorite online retailer. Thousands upon thousands of results appeared in front of you, right?

Unless you’re particularly wealthy and have enough room for a few hundred thousand healthful tools and the time it would take to test them all out, you’re likely looking for more of a condensed version of these results.

To help you out, here is a list of some of the best healthful tools currently available to add a bit of a healthy twist to your lifestyle.

The Matcha Maker from David’s Tea

If you’re aiming to add more of the healthy benefits of matcha to your life, add some of this delicious powder to The Matcha Maker, pour in some hot water, screw on the cap and shake. This sleek looking bottle contains a little ball that helps to mix the powder with the water more thoroughly, giving you an even consistency and a gorgeous layer of foam without ever needing to use a whisk. This makes it easy to bring with you to prepare your drink no matter where you go. Even better, if you just want to enjoy some loose leaf tea instead of matcha some days, the top can be swapped out for a traditional loose leaf diffuser, instead.

The Clever Cutter 2-in-1 Knife and Cutting Board

If you can’t stand prepping meals but know you need to add more fresh vegetables to your diet, this tool will be life-changing for you. They work just like scissors and they snip their way through everything from green onions to carrots, from celery to basil and from cheese to kale. No knife skills required and no need to wash an additional cutting board. It’s all built in. Whip through your salads and stir fry prep in no time.

The Multi-Purpose Strap by ASX

This is one of those wonderful tools that had to have resulted from one of those genuine “aha!” moments. During your yoga workout, use the strap to help you to keep your poses and deepen your stretches. When you’re done, use it as a shoulder strap for your yoga mat. It’s durable, attractive and soft and it helps you to make sure you’re not bringing a single thing with you that you won’t be using during and after your workout.