Using videos or DVDs to get into shape allows you to achieve your personal fitness goals in the privacy of your own home. There are excellent videos focused on the needs of beginners. The main categories of workouts DVDs include aerobics and cardiovascular exercise combinations (e.g. cardio and strength) and development of strength and toning the body.


Gasper has directed the solid “Fat Burning Workout for Dummies” program. He used only 10 combinations of classic aerobics, as the passage of the vine (grapevines). Hence, you can learn and practice basic aerobic routines while burning calories. Gasper shows every move and you can see the subtle variations to enhance your interest.

Screen inserts have tips and suggestions. The inventor of step aerobics, recognized as instructor of the year by IDEA, directed “Gin Miller’s Everybody Steps.” This is the perfect introduction for workouts that use steps, as well as a solid cardio workout to burn fat. The video has six parts that allow you to move at your own pace and stop anytime. The patterns are simple and easy to learn.


The trainer of the TV show “The Biggest Loser” features “Jillian Michaels’ Workout for Beginners,” a package of two workout DVDs featuring a series of easy to follow, consisting of aerobic exercise to burn fat and routines to claim alternative circuits toning muscles. Jillian offers advice on technical and military training motivation.

The DVD called “Frontside” focuses on the muscles in the front of your body, while “Backside” focuses on the back of your body. “Leslie Sansone’s Walk & Firm with Intervals” is an interval program that includes the use of a resistance band. Leslie suggests short segments alternating aerobics and toning to maintain high your heart rate while you tone up and sculpt the upper and lower parts of your body. Cardio sections are easy to follow, as they are stylish gear combinations. Toning intervals include classics like squats, half squats, bicep curls and rowing movements.

Development of Strength and Toning

“With Jody Balletone Hoegstedt” is a unique routine that introduces you to ballet toning exercises and allows you to develop a slender body, like dancers. An elegant workout tutorial does not require sophisticated equipment. The classic bar on the wall strengthens your muscles and helps you improve your balance. After working out with the bar, you will advance to a solid routine of Pilates on a mat.

“Tamilee Webb’s I Want That Body” includes three well-focused workouts on one DVD. Each workout has two separate segments. The first segment focuses on simple routines and the second provides greater challenges. You need light dumbbells. The combination of classic and standing exercises on the floor will definitely help you to shape and tone your body in perfect time.

Try these inspiring workout DVDs and see the difference in your daily workout routine.