The right YouTube weight loss videos can be just what you need to get the workout you’re looking for.  Maybe you can’t stand the gym. Could be that you need to exercise from home that day.  The weather doesn’t always play along for outdoor exercising.  It could just be that following a video from home is your favorite way to get fit.

No matter the reason, weight loss videos from the right YouTube channel can make all the difference to inspire you to give it your best and to come back for more tomorrow.

YouTube Fitness and Weight Loss Videos You’ll Love

Here are some of the best and most inspirational exercise, wellness and weight loss videos to check out the next time you want a home workout.  Each option on this list was selected because it is practical, inspirational, and accessible whether you’re already very fit or haven’t exercised nearly as much as your doctor has recommended for quite some time.

Upbeat, Fun Cardio to Tunes You Love: The Fitness Marshall

If your main reason for skipping workouts is that you can’t stand exercising, then this is a great place to start.  These fitness and fat burning videos support a weight loss strategy but feel more like you’re just moving to some great music. Caleb Marshall and his crew demo fun dance moves that can really get you sweating while you move to hit pop songs. Whether you’re a professional dancer or are completely uncoordinated, the moves are perfectly accessible. Do one song for a quick workout or do several for a complete cardio blast!

Strength Training Without Bodybuilding Goals: HASfit

HASfit stands for Heart And Soul fit and provides fantastic strength training workouts and high-impact exercise routines.  They’re great for use as weight loss videos or just to give your body what it needs to stay strong and fit.  There are tons of options with or without dumbbells, so this is perfect regardless of what equipment you do or don’t have.

Injured or Stiff + Body Positivity, Not Weight Loss Videos: Anahata Yoga from the Heart

If your body has been holding you back from doing wellness or weight loss videos, this YouTube channel can help you build your flexibility and strength while reducing certain kinds of soreness such as back pain or hip pain.  This team build their channel during the pandemic to support their studio’s yogis. It’s focused on positive body image, overall wellness and health, honoring your body’s unique design and needs, and just feeling great overall.

No Time for a Workout: FitnessBlender

The FitnessBlender team is comprised of a husband and wife, Daniel and Kelli, who have built up more than 500 workouts meant for busy people. Find options from 5 to 45 minutes long to suit the time you have and the time you don’t!