Who says that drinking beer is always bad for you? It turns out that you can have your beer and enjoy some health benefits too! Continue reading to learn about just a few of those positive effects.

It Can Be Good for Your Heart
Even though you usually hear about the cardiovascular benefits of drinking wine, researchers concluded that if you drink beer on a moderate basis, you could reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Just make sure that you don’t drink more than one pint of beer each day. Also, that pint should have roughly 5% alcohol by volume.

It Could Improve Your Vision
Getting drunk certainly won’t help you see straight, but one of the many beer health benefits that researchers have found is that, when you drink one beer each day, particularly if it’s a stout beer or a lager, you could actually be helping your eyes. This is because the beer will increase the antioxidant activity within your body, and that could halt the development of cataracts. However, if you consume three or more beers a day, the opposite effect will occur. It’s all about moderation.

It Could Reduce Your High Blood Pressure
You don’t want to develop high blood pressure because it could lead to an array of other health issues. But if you drink beer, you could lower your risk of having high blood pressure, and that means you can reduce your risk of ailments that would occur as a result of hypertension. In a study, moderate drinkers were able to reap beer health benefits that made them less likely to develop hypertension, especially when compared to people who consume cocktails or wine.

It Could Help You Recover from a Workout
To recover more quickly from a workout, consider having a beer. Researchers found that individuals who exercised and then rehydrated their bodies with beer were actually a bit more hydrated compared with people who drank water.

It Could Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes
Research concluded that men who drink moderate amounts of beer are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. But, again, moderation is key, as higher amounts of beer wouldn’t have the same positive effect, so stick with one or two beers a day.

There are several beer health benefits that many people aren’t aware of, but in order to reap these benefits, you can’t drink too much beer. Like everything else in your diet, keep your beer consumption in balance and to a minimum for the best results.