Working out is great for the body, yet it is better if you obtain proper advice and guidance before you start. The reason is that a majority of people don’t exercise with the right form and technique. In fact, they sometimes select exercises which pose a greater risk of injury. To help you out, we have picked out some exercises to avoid as they can easily cause injury:

Seated Leg Extension
It is better to avoid this exercise as the machine creates a harmful shear force on the knees’ connective tissues. It also causes contraction in the quadriceps without co-contraction of the calves and hamstrings to protect the knee. The damage becomes obvious later on and you can experience pain even when performing a menial task.

Bench Dip for Triceps
The exercise places extreme stress on the acromioclavicular joint in your shoulders as well as on your elbows. It is counted among the exercises to avoid as it can cause rotator cuff tears, shoulder impingement, bursitis, tendinitis, and joint sprains.

The Upper Barbell Row
As per several fitness experts, this exercise is harmful for your shoulder health. This is because it places your hands in max pronation, as well as the shoulders in max internal rotation under load. This position drives the humerus bone forward and it compresses the shoulder bursa, pinching the bicep tendon. All this can result in an injury.

The Smith Machine Squat
This exercise should be avoided because it shifts the body’s center of mass and also places excessive shear stress on the knee ligaments. This is because of reduced activation of the hamstrings. This can cause an injury to your knees.

Round Back Deadlift
This exercise stresses the spine incorrectly (from the pelvis to the neck) and can result in bulging discs, ligament sprains, sciatica pain, disc herniations and even disc rupture.

45o Leg Press
This exercise places extreme stress on your lower back and neck. As you would know, these are two areas of the body where you don’t want to get injured!

Improper Kettlebell Swings
Experts believe that exercising with kettlebells requires proper training alongside unique skill that must be taught by a certified instructor. And if done incorrectly, the swings have a severely negative impact on your shoulder, neck and back.

So, these are some exercises to avoid as they can easily cause injuries.