Some of the best fitness habits you can develop are those that will benefit you and others as well. Many people find that they’re more motivated to get exercise when they know their dogs are relying on them to get outside and take that walk. Others have a great time heading out to enjoy a sport with friends or their children. That said, it’s also becoming very popular to help make the world a greener place during a workout.

The trend of taking your best fitness habits and turning them into an eco-friendly step each day helps you to boost your activity footprint while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. It is rewarding to your overall health and to the health of the planet which, in turn, can help your overall health even more. Sound attractive? Of course, it does! Consider greening up your workouts with the following steps.

Best Fitness Habits 1: Plogging

No fancy equipment needed to add this step to your best fitness habits. Instead, simply bring a small washable bag with you that you can wear as a backpack or tuck into the waist of your pants. Do this every time you go out to walk, run or jog. Every time you see a piece of litter, pick it up and put it in your bag. At the end of your workout, dispose of each item properly (trash, compost, or recycling).

Best Fitness Habits 2: Get Social

Use social media to get a group of friends together for a clean-up event in the community. Spend a couple of hours walking around in a park or on a beach while picking up trash and cleaning things up overall. This might involve spreading a bit of grass seed, removing graffiti, setting up a public flower garden or vegetable garden (just make sure to get the proper permits for that, first) or even holding a tree planting. This walking, bending, reaching, standing and overall moving around will give your body a great workout while you make your local green spaces better.

Best Fitness Habits 3: Choose a Green Gym

This can mean one of two things. The first of these best fitness habits means that you simply join a gym that makes some eco friendly efforts. It lets the sun provide the light during the daytime instead of running all the interior lights all day, it uses greener cleaning products and takes other steps to reduce energy consumption and trash production. Otherwise, simply use the space you have outside. Your green gym can be the world around you. A running room may take you out along an outdoor nature trail instead of an indoor track. A yoga class might use a park instead of a studio. This outdoor time can be as good for you as it is for the world.