Developing your lower body can be more difficult than toning your upper torso. This is why selecting the right lower body workouts is important so you can get the results you want. To make things easier for you, here is a look at some of the best lower body workouts you can perform, regardless of your body type:

Front Squat
It goes without saying that the squat is the best exercise for your legs and now lower body workout is complete without at least one variation of this exercise. The front squat is ideal for this purpose as the strain is on your leg muscles and not on your back. Moreover, they are easier to perform as well and you can perform variations using kettlebells or a sandbag. To perform,
Load the barbell on to the rack and grip it, using your fingers as hooks instead of gripping it tightly.
Tighten your midsection and unrack the barbell.
Go down till you complete the squat and come up again.

Trap Bar Deadlifts
Your position within the perimeter of the bar is important for this workout. Your feet should be exactly between the back and front of the bar. Grip the bar tightly and rotate your elbows, so that the insides are faced forward. Next, perform a squat by arching your back and moving your hips downwards. Apply force with your feet, straightening your legs in the process, and arching your hips forward. Tighten your abs and squeeze your glutes tightly as you near the top. Repeat.

Sled Drag
You will need a sled and a weightlifting belt for this workout.
Tie the belt to the straps on the sled and put it on.
Stand upright and start pulling the sled forward, working your hips, hamstrings and glutes simultaneously.
You can also tie the straps to the front of your belt. This way, you can work your quads and the frontal part of your hips.

Barbell Hip Thrust
Not the most popular but certainly one of the most effective lower body workouts is the barbell hip thrust. Lie down on the floor, flat and with your face up. Place a barbell across your hips and bend your knees, placing your feet firmly on the ground. Grab the bar, with your hands at shoulder width apart and in an overhand grip. Raise your hips by pushing your heels downwards, holding the bar in place. Once you reach the top of the motion, squeeze your glutes. Return to original position and repeat.