In terms of improving their sleep habits, many people hope to benefit from a vigorous exercise routine. However, it’s all a matter of timing and the kind of fitness routine you choose for aiding your sleep cycle. Otherwise, you could end up with the reverse effect. Right after moderate exercise, you are apt to feel awake, which could be exasperating if you are hoping to sleep soon after exercise. That’s why a large percentage of people like to do their workouts early morning or in the afternoon for invigorating them as they go through their work or college day.

However, if you prefer to work out in the evening, then you probably can’t fall asleep after exercising since your heart is all pumped up. The key to enjoying a good sleep after exercise is sticking to a schedule. People who work out at night must create a constant habit of calming activities that bridge the gap between working out and dozing off. Here are some tips to follow when you can’t fall asleep after exercising:

Stick to Your Routine

The hours at which you work out, go to bed, and wake up must remain the same for every day of the week. You are allowed to sleep for a couple of extra hours on weekends or take a day off from the gym. However, following a routine religiously during weekdays primes your body to fall asleep at a particular time.

Include Carbohydrates in Your Dinner

Working out will help if you do it at least four hours before your bedtime. In addition to this, have your dinner two hours before you go to bed and include carb-rich vegetables, like sweet potatoes or a dessert of fresh fruit, to give you a serotonin boost that can help you fall asleep more easily.

Take a Hot Shower

When you are back home from your evening workout, make sure you take a hot and relaxing bath to pacify your nerves. It’s better to skip taking a quick shower at the gym. Add a number of relaxing herbs, such as lavender or chamomile or a handful of Epsom salts to your bath for relieving sore muscles.

Go to Bed When You’re Ready

Many hit the bed in the hope of dozing off right away. That’s not how the body works, however. To be able to fall asleep, you must actually feel sleepy. That’s why using your smartphone or watching TV while you’re in your bed can disrupt your sleep cycle to a great extent. Enjoy a cup of chamomile tea, flip through your favorite book, or listen to soothing music prior to your bedtime to get into sleep mode.
Make sure you follow these tips when you can’t fall asleep after exercising.