Just because there are holidays and traditions doesn’t mean it has to bring the stress of weight gain. There are ways to make healthier Thanksgiving foods and at least prevent extra unwanted and empty calories.

What a food is cooked in:

What the food is cooked in is where the most calories generally hide. It is essential you look for as many ways as possible to curtail the use of vegetable oil and lard—and yes people are still using it—why? Because it’s yummy! If you’ve ever had roasted potatoes cooked in lard you would be addicted instantly. However, this is not helping to keep the weight off.

Make sure, that before you begin, you have olive oil or sesame oil and you know how to use them so you don’t make the mistake of turning them into the something just as bad as lard. This is done by not deep frying—anything at all. There is no such thing as low fat deep frying regardless of what you use unless its air! In fact, the same goes for shallow frying because the moment you hear a sizzle—you have already turned the low fat benefit into a calorie making food. This is because any oil such as olive and sesame will break down into common vegetable oil quickly—they are meant to be eaten pretty much raw and on top of things as they cool or on salads.

Take the steam option for healthier Thanksgiving foods:

Steam is one way to make healthier Thanksgiving foods. With vegetables, it is an easy choice to steam them and keep toppings on the side so you are in control of what you eat and how much. You can also glaze the veggies with healthier choices than cream sauces like sour cream and of course butter. You can use honey and mandarin orange thrown over them and place them under the broiler after a quick blanching to soften enough.

Roasting a medley!

You can throw red or white small gold potatoes which are cut into small equally sized wedges and some veggies of choice—again equal sized cuts and coat VERY gently with natural sweet butter—not oil and throw under the broiler and roast until golden brown. These are sweet and crunchy and addictive which will cause you to create a new family tradition to update each year with a new veggie for healthier Thanksgiving foods.