Chronic pain can be painful and interfere with the daily life of an individual. A common form of this pain is chronic neck pain, which can occur for several reasons. Irrespective of the root cause of neck pain in individuals, all neck pain reduction plans also incorporate exercise, along with other pain management tools. However, recent research has also highlighted the efficacy of meditation in reducing neck pain. To help you understand how exercise and meditation reduce chronic neck pain, this article will take a look at what recent research suggests:

Meditation and Neck Pain

Managing chronic neck pain is essential, as research suggests it can also cause depression. Moreover, individuals who suffer from neck pain are also reported to experience distress. Neck pain can give rise to emotional challenges in individuals, which in turn may further worsen the intensity of the pain. Research previously suggested that chronic pain is linked with heightened stress in individuals and since meditation helps reduce stress in individuals, it also appeared to have a positive influence on chronic pain.

A recent study carried out in Germany came to the conclusion that meditation demonstrates rare benefits for pain management and pain relief. It suggests that while it may work in a similar manner as exercise in certain aspects, it outperforms exercise in other areas. According to this research, meditation has an effect similar to exercise and offers similar results in terms of factors like quality of life, psychological scores, pain disability and movement. Areas where meditation outperforms the benefits of exercise in the study carried out include pain reduction and the hassle associated with chronic neck pain.

Exercise and Neck Pain

Exercise has long been known to demonstrate a positive effect on chronic pain management. Therefore, exercise forms an essential part of almost all neck pain treatment programs. Neck exercise programs typically entail a combination of aerobic conditioning, strengthening and stretching exercises.

Neck stretching exercises help relieve stiffness that may lead to pain. To take full advantage of these exercises, you should perform them regularly, while some exercises should be done several times over a period of day. Similarly, neck strengthening exercises are helpful in maintaining improved posture that may help reduce the pain associated with recurrent arousal of pain.

Exercise and meditation reduce chronic neck pain and all those who are suffering from it can benefit from the pain reduction. However, meditation, as compared to neck exercises, will also help reduce the level of stress that may further aggravate pain.