So, how can you teach your kids to incorporate an hour a day’s worth of physical exercise into their daily routine when all they have done as a toddler is sit strapped to their seats or glued to the TV screen and when you yourself can’t take time out to go to the gym?

The answer lies in reinventing the whole idea of exercise. How? By following family-friendly activities to stay fit. The first thing you need to do is to start considering exercise as a source of an active lifestyle and not as something which requires special time.

Exercising with your family and following family-friendly activities not only instills a sense of daily exercise in your children but it also allows you to spend more time amongst your family’s laughter and smiles.

Post-Dinner Walks
Incorporating a walk in your daily schedule ensures you get the necessary amount of exercise daily. Whether it’s a walk through the neighborhood or on the track in a park, make it interesting and fun so your children look forward to it, like counting windows of the houses you pass or keeping track of the cars that pass by.

Boogey With the Music
Get some dance tunes and invite in your neighbors, push up all the furniture aside and watch the elder kids show their dance moves as the younger ones copy them.

Game of Household Chores
Come up with a story where someone is coming to snatch away all the things in the house. The children are the superheroes who can save the day by tucking away everything that is lying around. This not only keeps children occupied but it also gives them a sense of cleaning up and looking after their things.

Walk vs. Drive
Walk where you can. When you take your kids to school, you could park your car some distance away and walk them to the gate or take the stairs instead of elevators where the option is available. Basically, just be open to incorporating exercise opportunities wherever they present themselves.

Working Out During TV Commercials
Come up with creative names which can attract your kids to exercise during the break while they are watching TV. Take turns to wiggle, dance, clap or march, make it look like one of the family-friendly activities your children will look forward to.

Arrange a Sports Night
Select a day of a week where everybody comes together to select one exercise card (which can be easily purchased from any store) and performs that exercise. Others follow the lead. Everybody picks up a card until all the cards have been dealt.