Anti-aging foods are the first step in your complete healthy lifestyle for avoiding premature signs of age such as sagging skin, brittle hair and fingernails, and others.  After all, the snacks and meals you eat are what provide the parts of your body what they need to function at their best, right down to the cellular level.  If your cells aren’t getting all the fuel and building blocks they require to replicate, heal and repair, your wellness and appearance will suffer.

Are There Truly Specific Anti-Aging Foods You Should Eat?

You might not believe that there are actual anti-aging foods, but it’s true. If you eat these foods, they can help you to look better, feel better, and ultimately defy the aging process. This just goes to show that there is great power in the right foods, and why balanced eating matters so much.

You of course need to balance out eating these foods with a healthy foundation that is free of bad habits and the wrong foods. For instance, using the right natural anti-aging skincare products for our skin type can go a long way. As can making sure to protect your skin from sun exposure. In fact, may dermatologists call sun protection the most important step in avoiding premature signs of aging.

Light exposure can, after all, can have a substantial impact on our skin cells.  Recently, even the blue light from our device screens – particularly smaller screens held closer to the face such as phones – is having an aging impact on our skin.  This makes choosing anti-aging foods all the more important.

Choose These Anti-Aging Foods on a Regular Basis

Though you may not have realized that there is this much power in great nutrition, here are some of the top anti-aging foods that can truly change your health and your life.

1. Pomegranates

Within those tasty little sweet seeds of a pomegranate you will find a healthy dose of antioxidants. You get some great nutritional supplements in the form of vitamins, minerals, and the antioxidants help to keep you looking and feeling young. In this case specifically, pomegranates work to help your skin look younger and healthier, so you fuel yourself from the inside out, and you get a natural glow because of it.

2. Blueberries

Yes, there is a reason that blueberries are consistently on the top list of super foods all the time. In this case it is their high concentration of antioxidants that help to make them one of the best anti-aging foods out there. You will boost your immune system and help to support your health now and into the long term, and that’s a huge benefit that can’t be ignored.

3. Spinach and Kale

Though all greens are good, these are the top of the list for their ability to turn back the hands of time. They are deep and dark in color which means that their high antioxidant content is hard to ignore. These greens can help you to achieve healthier skin, nails, and hair. They also fuel your body with everything it needs to look and feel younger.

4. Oatmeal

This is one of the best whole grains out there and an excellent way to start your day. The high fiber content helps it to be a great way to lower cholesterol, slow down digestion, help you to feel full longer, aid weight loss, and ultimately help you with all common aging issues in a very natural way.

5. Olive or Coconut Oil

Using these oils work as one of the best anti-aging foods because they can be used internally or externally. Use as a moisturizer or for skin ailments, but also use for weight loss and better health. Replacing other forms of fat with the best of the best of good fats make for a great recipe for anti-aging and improved health as well.

6. Avocados

As is the case with olive oil, or even certain nuts like walnuts, avocados contain healthy fats, monounsaturated fats, that are important to keeping your skin hydrated. Moreover, these fats are also important for helping your body to be able to absorb a spectrum of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals.  Though it should be enjoyed in moderation because of its high calorie count, a bit of avocado is definitely considered to be one of the best anti-aging foods.

7. Salmon

Salmon and other fatty cold-water fish contain lots of omega-3s which are fantastic for your skin, your nerves, your brain, and many other parts of your body. Some early studies have indicated that these omegas may also help to reduce the growth spread of cancerous cells. Many nutrition recommendations include this type of fish twice per week (in a 3-ounce serving each).  Combined with vegetables such as asparagus, and a serving of whole grains such as barley salad or brown rice, you have a powerhouse meal on your side.