As with any dieting regimen you will find yourself eventually at a plateau or peak. Here we will tell you why this happens and give you tips to keep you motivated when you hit that inevitable plateau. These weight loss motivation tips will help you pull through without giving up.

So why do we hit a plateau?

When most people hit a plateau, especially after a great amount of weight lost, they get bummed out because they think they’ve done something wrong or they believe that they can only go so far and now they are stuck and have to accept it. Before you go overboard with the stinkin thinkin, decide to think about your accomplishment–that you should be very proud of. In order to move past your plateau and gain weight loss motivation, you need to know the facts.

We plateau because our metabolism is the balancer of our body weight. It works to keep us balanced, and because weight loss and gain at a quick speed is not natural, it sounds an alarm to tell us we are in need of some balance. So, it is only logical that we peak or plateau and stop the process until our body decides we can start again. It doesn’t need anything from you to restart and if you push your body too far–it will backfire and one of two things will happen. One–it will gain the weight back, especially if you starve it. Or two–you can shock it into reset again and again until the body stops losing weight altogether. Remember that your body needs fat to live and to burn for energy so it is more of a defense mechanism. This means it will continue to seek balance -even if that means gaining a little weight back during this period. So, how is it that you push too far? Starvation or exercise overkill.

Tips to staying motivated when you hit a plateau

Relax: Don’t think about it and just keep following your diet plan.

Treat yourself: Buy some new clothes to accommodate the weight loss you’ve already accomplished. Not pants that will have to be replaced after the plateau is passed, but a pretty top or have a makeover.

Celebrate: Go out and celebrate your accomplishment and be around people who support and compliment you!

Make plans: Keep yourself busy and add new goals to the new life you are building.

Meditate: There are actually weight loss motivation support meditations on line that can program you out of the plateau and support you while you go through it.

Join a weight loss motivation group: Others have hit the plateau as well. Talk to them about the stage–you’ll feel better and before you know it–you’ll be back on your way to losing more!