If you have a swimming pool available to you, then you can take part in one of the best ways to keep your body fit while giving yourself a very healthy workout. Aqua fitness is one of the best ways to sculpt your entire body as you keep cool in the summertime, reduce stress, and give yourself an amazing cardio workout.

Time to Begin Adding a Swimming Workout to Your Week!

Grab a good bathing suit and get ready to tone every major muscle group in your body through a workout that has a very low impact on your joints. The secret is in the resistance and flow offered by the water.

It provides 12 times the resistance you experience in the air. For that reason, moving your body engages more of your muscle fibers and burns a larger number of calories in a shorter amount of time. Unlike running and other cardio activities above the surface, the exercise doesn’t require your feet to strike the ground, reducing impact and wear on the joints, particularly the ankles, knees, and hips.

All You Need to Do is Swim

To take advantage of the benefits of swimming, all you really need to do is keep active. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. You can choose to do laps using your favorite stroke or do specific exercises that will target muscle groups you’d like to work. Either way, you’ll be benefiting and sculpting your body as a whole.

Try different kinds of strokes to make sure that you access your muscles in different ways. A front, back, or side stroke will engage your muscles differently and will require some to work harder than others. By using all of these types of strokes, you’ll make sure that you get a better overall workout.

It’s Not Just About Doing Laps

There are also some activities that you can perform while upright, as well. These include variations on treading water, swimming with paddle boards, or swimming with dumbbells. Even pushing off the wall can add an extra movement for your body to experience. To truly engage your entire body, try swimming as quickly as you can from a stopped position, without pushing off of any surface such as the floor or the side walls. The same can be said about swimming exclusively with your arms or your legs.

Twenty minutes to a half hour of continuous swimming can provide your entire body with a very good workout, can tone your muscles, and can build strength.

A Swimming Workout Also Boosts Lung Capacity

You might not recognize it when all you’re doing is learning your breathing patterns and habits as you keep up your swimming workout, but the more you keep it up, the more you can boost your lung capacity.  The rhythmic breathing – which some people find to be a fantastic mindfulness exercise – keeps you breathing air, not water. That’s definitely an appealing goal for any human.

That said, while you keep up that practice, you’ll be holding and releasing your breaths as you’re physically active. All that deep breathing and muscle use can help your body to boost your lung capacity and even strengthen the respiratory part of your cardiovascular system.  At the same time that you’re getting your heart pumping and circulation moving, you’ll be breathing deeply and exercising those lungs – and supportive muscles – effectively.

Many people find that this type of swimming workout benefit is not only great in the water but also when they’re active on land and in the air! You’ll be able to enjoy more without running out of breath, when you keep up those exercises over time.