I’ve become my own weight loss hero.  Does this mean that everything I’ve done has been perfect and without any mistakes or cheats?  Nope.  Not one bit.  But I’ve realized that there isn’t anyone in the world who can decide exactly what strategy is right for me other than myself.

What Do I Mean by Weight Loss Hero?

Instead of looking to someone else to provide me with all the answers, I have become my own weight loss hero.  This doesn’t mean I’ve stopped listening to anyone else.  That’s just stupid.  Of course I listen.  How else could I learn anything new?  The key is not simply assuming that because something worked for someone else, it will also work for me.  I have come to recognize that I am not just an individual when it comes to my personality.  It’s also true of my body and the way it works for dropping the pounds and keeping them off.

I have a friend who swears up and down by a certain version of keto dieting.  She rapidly lost 50 pounds on it.  I’m super happy for her.  I really am. I can’t wait to see how things keep going for her.  For me, though, her specific eating strategy just isn’t the key.  I tried it.  I felt awful, and the food choices were so restrictive that it was really getting me down. I felt like I was living for my diet instead of eating for my wellness. Plus, it was virtually impossible to eat out or with friends.

That doesn’t mean her choice isn’t right.  It just means that it isn’t right for me.  Same goes for pretty much every celeb I’m following on Instagram.  They can’t dictate my choices, I need to be my own weight loss hero.

Are You Ready?

If what I’ve said makes sense to you, then it’s time to ask yourself whether you’re ready to declare to the world that “I’m my own weight loss hero!”  Might sound goofy, but you really do need to be ready for it – I did, at least.  Here are some questions you can ask yourself to make sure you’re prepared to take on your own superhero status.

  • Am I motivated and will the factors motivating me last?
  • Are my motivations my own or am I being pressured from elsewhere?
  • Am I ready to learn my own strategy and accept that it won’t be identical to anyone else’s?
  • Do I know where I can find helpful support to manage stress and keep up my efforts?
  • Am I prepared to respond in a positive way when people try to “correct” my choices?
  • Am I ready to learn new information, recipes, and lifestyle habits?
  • Will I be satisfied gradually taking on new habits instead of diving in head-first?

If most of your answers are “yes”, get ready to be a weight loss hero for yourself!