The Ornish diet, created by Dean Ornish M.D., is the number one diet for heart health. Dean Ornish created the Ornish Diet to not only stop the progression of Coronary Artery Disease, but also reverse CAD itself. He began to really study Coronary Artery Disease back in 1977, when he started to conduct studies based around the theory that comprehensive lifestyle changes can stop and reverse the progression of CAD and other chronic diseases, especially those related to heart health.

This holistic approach to heart health was found to be very successful in its clinical trial. Alas the Ornish Diet was born. The Ornish Diet is a healthy plant based diet consisting of whole foods. The Ornish Diet is unprocessed, unpackaged, and unrefined foods. People who eat whole, plant based diets tend to not only weigh less but have a lesser Body Mass Index. This all natural diet reverses the effects of heart disease, CAD, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other heart health issues.

The Ornish Diet is not only about food though. Like with any healthy lifestyle you must exercise. Really exercise is an essential part to all heart health. You must do 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily such as power walking or jogging. Also, people who smoke must really start the quitting process. The Ornish Diet says that smoking cessation is a big part in reversing the effects of most chronic diseases including CAD and Cancer.

The Ornish Diet is also based on stress management and suggests that dieters find healthy outlets and begin stress management techniques. Healthy outlets of stress tend to be things you do that you love like hobbies, especially those of the artistic type. This is a broad spectrum that includes drawing, painting, sculpting, music, and things that really stimulate the artistic part of the brain. Stress management techniques include things such as yoga, meditation, and tai chi. Even if you cannot meditate for an hour, as long as you are putting in the effort to meditate daily no matter for how long, it is really the consistency that counts.

The Ornish Diet is the best for heart health because it not only taps into the foods people choose but it also reaches in to the psychological side of heart health as well. If you are less stressed and happy, you are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases as well as heart attacks or strokes. The ornish diet is a diet that is meant to be put in place as a lifestyle change, not just a temporary solution. It is an alternative to medicines and surgeries.