Potassium is a very important nutrient that you need in your system. You are in need of this to drive your electrolytes. This is what drives your electrical system and ensures that your heart and lungs are going to work. You can find this is a variety of foods–the most popular is bananas. All you need is a half a banana a day. Lets take a closer look at how you can get enough potassium.

There is a pretty big list of foods with potassium in them. This means you can pick and choose what to eat and when to get enough potassium. You have to also keep in mind though that your body has to be able to assimilate the potassium into your system. So this means you need several other vitamins and minerals to do the job properly.

You must also be taking in calcium and magnesium. These are meant to bond and carry other nutrients.

Foods rich in Potassium:

White beans have a large amount of potassium in them and they are a rather versatile legume. You can use them in soups and as a side dish.
Green and leafy veggies are also very rich in potassium and are the best source of complete magnesium and calcium. Kale, collard and mustard greens as well as spinach is the key to getting it all in one shot.

Baked potatoes are another great source of potassium and if you add a low fat cheese and some sour cream{not much}, one tbsp. you will also have magnesium and calcium.

You can also use yogurt on the potato as a sour cream substitute and get the same result.

Dried apricots are so delicious they are sweet and great as a snack which is a great source of potassium and calcium.

Try baking some acorn squash–this is great with just a touch of brown sugar on top and butter. And what about our delicious old friend the Avocado. They are packed with all three nutrients and are a superfood. They are also quite versatile.

Salmon is a great source of all three nutrients as well as omega 3 fatty acids so you are doing yourself a favor by grilling this baby in more ways than just one.

And last but not least, white mushrooms and bananas!

You can see very easily that you can do a lot with foods that contain not only potassium but calcium and magnesium for a complete trilogy of good health. It’s not difficult to get enough potassium.