One of the worst spots to be in is to be hungry and dieting. This is the best way to sabotage the dieting effort because while you are off eating twigs someone is sparking up a BBQ. One whiff while you’re walking the dog and you’ll be sending spot in to steal a hamburger while your neighbor has their back turned. Yes, hunger can turn you into an animal and do things you wouldn’t normally do. But portion control doesn’t have to be a precursor to starvation.

How hunger works

When you eat like a bird and skip meals because you are on way too strict of a calorie restricted diet, your brain never registers full and before you know it you are hungry and irritable. So the secret is, you need to feel satisfied every time you eat.

 How to manage portions and tricks to feeling full

The first thing you need to do is instead of eating less you need to eat more. You don’t need to eat more in volume but eat more times a day. So smaller portions and several times a day; there should be a meal followed by a healthy snack, then a meal, then a healthy snack. This portion control helps burn calories and you won’t be hungry. The next trick is drinking plenty of water. If you don’t like water, then flavor your water or drink Vitamin Water. Water will combine with the food you eat all day and take away the feeling of being hungry.

Foods that make you feel full

You can eat certain foods that make you feel full. Oatmeal is one good tried and true and very healthy snack to fill the spot easily. Rice is great filler that can be topped with healthy flavorful food such as beans and green peppers or how about hummus or salsa?

What size should each small meal be?

First, understand that three of the six all day meals can be of normal 8oz. portions but the snacks should be one to two ingredients 4 to 8 oz. each max. Remember that your body will get used to smaller portions and will maintain the feeling of being full longer. When you do eat a “full” meal, the protein should be 8 oz. like meat or chicken then as much fresh vegetable as you like and 4 oz. starch like one small baked potato. Substitute for healthier starch like sweet potato and up the potato size! This portion control advice will help you keep hunger at bay for the entire day.