Did you know that the best workout leggings you own are not appropriate for every exercise you do? Many people are shocked to find out that different types of activities suit different features in leggings. That said, the pair you choose can make a big difference.

Here are some common activities and the best workout leggings to suit them.

Best Workout Leggings for Barre

Here, you’ll want a style with a high, wide waistband. Look for a pair with light to medium compression. These will require the ultimate in flexibility, so you’ll need to find fabric with a lot of stretch. If your pants don’t let you reach a deep bend, you’ll only hold yourself back. Leave the low waisted varieties for another activity. Both you and your barre classmates will appreciate the additional coverage when you make those deep bends and squats!

Best Workout Leggings for Dance

For dancing, you’re going to want stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric. High compression styles will also typically work best. Look for something that will make it possible for you to move and bend as much as you want without resistance. That said you’ll also want to be able to dry up from sweating very quickly.

Best Workout Leggings for Running

Look for a pair that will stay put in the waist. This will stop you from having to continually adjust your pants as you run. Few things are more frustrating than a pair of running pants that decide to slide down with each step you take. They should feel like a second skin, with high compression and temperature regulation.

Best Workout Leggings for Pilates

Many people think that Pilates leggings are the same as yoga pants because of the similar style of workout. However, Pilates provides a workout with more motion and different types of stretch. As a result, this workout requires slightly different clothing. Look for a non-slippery fabric with medium compression. Find something with a stay-put waistband and make sure there aren’t any metal parts such as tags, decorations, zippers or the aglets on the ends of a drawstring lace.

Best Workout Leggings for Yoga

Yoga pants are called that for a reason. The best workout leggings in this case need stretch with a wide and flat waistband and only a light compression. This lets your body stretch, bend and relax without anything digging in, rolling, getting in your way or feeling too tight. They’ll stay in place without causing discomfort or restrictions.