Comfort eating, also referred to as emotional eating, is a habit most people take up on their worst days when they do not feel so good about themselves or when they feel lonely, anxious, stressed out, or bored. Although emotional eating does bring a high level of relief and satisfaction, it is not healthy in any way. In fact, it is one of the most common reasons behind unwanted weight gain and fat buildup.

The habit of overeating when one is going through a string of emotions, such as those that are listed above, is highly addictive. Most people engage in it subconsciously, mostly when they have nothing better to do. Even experts and researchers have found that around 75 percent of overeating is in response to thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The fact is that emotional eating is a result of excess dopamine—a chemical within the human brain that is responsible for triggering feelings of satisfaction and pleasure. However, dopamine is just as harmful as it is miraculous.

Even then, curbing emotional eating is not impossible, and there are various natural methods and products that were designed specifically to help avoid unwanted and unnecessary weight gain, which is a relief to the sufferers. Here are three natural methods that have proven to be excellent for the purpose of curbing emotional eating habits:

Methods to Control Emotional Eating

Identify Your Triggers

Every emotional response you have is triggered by some reaction that leads you to overeating in order to feel satisfied. The first thing you should do is to figure out what triggers your emotional eating habits. Once you have managed to identify the causes, learn to avoid them so that curbing emotional eating altogether is not a hassle.

Look for Healthier Alternatives

Most people depend on food to get past fragile emotional states, which makes overeating to find comfort a necessity for them. If you rely on emotional eating for the same reason, turning to healthier alternatives, such as fruits and vegetables instead of junk food, will help diminish the problem of unwanted weight gain without having to quash your love for food.

Acquire Hobbies

Getting a hobby in place of emotional eating has proven successful. This way, whenever you feel lonesome or bored, turn to your hobby instead of munching on unhealthy food that is sure to make you gain a lot of weight. Engaging in fun hobbies and activities can even boost your mood and make you feel happier.

Products to Control Emotional Eating

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