It is undoubtedly something that you don’t spend much time thinking about and that is your height and caloric requirements. We tend to think in the space of one size fits all for calorie intake, but that simply isn’t true. Just as we are all shapes and sizes, the height that we are has a direct impact on how many calories that we should be eating each day. You need to really get in touch with what your own specific requirements are because if you don’t then this can really have a negative impact upon your weight loss. So if you want to lose weight and keep it off the right way, this is a number that you need to learn.

Let’s start with the basics because seeing the height and caloric requirements in print can really be eye opening. You need to start by knowing your height, your current weight, your age, and your activity level. This is a time to be honest because trying to embellish this will only hurt your results. You will get these numbers to plug in and then you can see what sort of calorie requirements you should have. In some cases you may even see what sort of calorie deficit you should be trying for in order to lose the weight. So the calculations and specifics may vary, but these are the criteria that you will always plug in.

There Is A Direct Correlation for Long Term Weight Loss

Why does it matter so much? Why do the height and caloric requirements tie in so much to weight loss? Well think of it this way—if you were a 6’3” male would you need to eat the same thing in a day as a 5’2” female? No, the taller that you are the more that you need to eat in order to function. The problem comes in when people try to eat less than their daily calorie requirements. Rather than helping you this hurts you because your body thinks that you are going into starvation mode and works to protect you by holding onto fat.

So if you are really focused on healthy and long term weight loss, you want to start by looking at your height and caloric requirements. This will vary for everyone, but you must stay within that range. Just as you wouldn’t want to go over that range, you don’t want to go under either as it will hurt your progress. This number is your goal each day as it will help you to achieve long term weight loss. So be true to it, always keep it in mind, and don’t try to fool the system because it will only ever hurt you in the end.