Over the years, there has been considerable debate about whether eating organic or not can prove effective. On one side are the conventional food producers who claim that there is little evidence which shows that organic food is as healthy as most people believe it to be. On the flip side, proponents of organic food claim that it is the greatest thing ever. There is no question that the latter group is in the right. If people start to eat organic, it will have a strong positive global impact in a number of ways. Let’s look at a few facts which prove this:

Firstly, there is little to no contamination when it comes to organic food. There is a complete lack of chemicals, which prove harmful for health as for the environment. The elimination of synthetic chemicals from the process means it is a better option than the conventional and typical means of farming, where excess fertilizers and other substances are used, including pesticides.

When soil and water gets contaminated because of farming, it poses a threat to wildlife. When animals graze and drink from the affected areas, they can suffer health problems and it can even prove toxic and fatal. Not to mention, their habitat is in danger because of conventional farming methods, which is why eating organic is the best option for preserving and protecting wildlife.

The balance of the ecosystem gets disturbed when unnatural elements are introduced, which is the case with fertilizers and chemicals that are used during the farming process. The conversation of biodiversity relies on how far and wide organic food can be adopted as a staple and people make eating organic a part of their daily habits. It could be the change that proves crucial for preserving some species which are threatened because of domination from other species.

You may not realize this but organic food is the way to go to counter global warming. Organic food can be easily distributed locally without involving heavy transport, which reduces emissions, which are the main cause of global warming in the first place. Though the difference is small, it is by no means negligible.

As you can see, there are numerous ways in which eating organic will have a positive global impact. There is no doubt that this option is significantly more beneficial for the world as a whole than the conventional food we consume.