Today we have so much cool technology that helps us stay in shape. We have Apps that help us count our calories and choose our workouts as well as count our steps and takes our heart rate. There is also the famed and very necessary playlist for when you are in the gym. You can choose your own motivating music and add it. So what types of music goes with what types of exercise? Let’s explore some of that right here. Creating an exercise playlist can be a fun task.

Best styles of music for your exercise playlist:

The best styles of music for your workout is a relative thing. This means it varies from person to person. It is a matter of personal taste but if you are looking for some guidance we can give that to you here.

Questions to ask while choosing music for your exercise playlist:

What is your favorite type of music and do you have more than one choice? We ask this because the most effective way to choose your music that will actually help you with your workout is like this. Choose a more tranquil–slower style like newage or jazz or soft rock for your initial stretching. This being first on the list will ensure that you make it a habit. Then give yourself an aerobic boost with music that is more supercharged. Like salsa or hip hop. If you aren’t doing cardio–you can do rock or grunge to lift weights to.

Why you should have a music routine around your exercise playlist:

Your music routine will actually train your brain and not just your body. After a while–the habit of listening to a certain loop of music will make your workout way easier to stick to! Music is more than a great motivator it is a neurotransmitter stimulator. This means it sends great feel good vibes through the brain and right through the body, getting you to work out even better!

Bonus tip:

Make sure you are playing slower music prior to the workout in the warm up stage and you are timing the workout music itself to how long you will do the workout for. Then make sure you have another slow set for the cool down session. This way, you are creating an automatic habit that you don’t have to think about.This makes the workout so much easier to stick to and plan your life around as well. Having a well thought out exercise playlist is really all that’s needed to keep you powering through every workout.