One of the top questions I’m regularly asked has to do with hunger-busting weight loss foods. It’s very common to want to know about the best foods to eat to fill you up without ruining your diet. After all, if you’re left hungry by your diet snacks, you’ll only end up eating more. That defeats the purpose.

So here are some of my top hunger-busting weight loss foods. This isn’t a complete list because that would be far too long. Still, these are the ones I feel make the most difference, they’re the simplest and most readily available, and they’re the ones I like the most.

My Best Hunger-Busting Weight Loss Foods List


As a snack, I like eating broccoli raw. As part of a meal, I either rough chop raw broccoli into a salad, or I steam it or stir fry it. The reason this is one of my favorite hunger-busting weight loss foods is because it’s absolutely huge in fiber and tiny in calories. Fiber is filling, it helps digest sugar better, it reduces bloating, and it sends waste and other unwanted substances out of your body more easily. Fiber is always desirable in a diet friendly snack.


Again, the top reason for these to be on my hunger-busting weight loss foods list is because of fiber. On top of that, blueberries are huge in nutrients like antioxidants. They’re fantastic for your eyes, skin, and immune system. They’re also surprisingly filling. I like to toss them onto my oatmeal in the morning or just eat a handful when I’m peckish.


Yup, fiber again (let’s just assume that every single item on this hunger-busting weight loss foods list contains a lot of fiber). It contains even more fiber if you eat slices of it skin-on, which I do. English cucumbers are best for that because they are thin-skinned and are either seedless or the seeds are so fine that you can eat them without noticing them. Cucumber is also full of water, which helps to keep us hydrated, prevent bloating and fill us up.


Anyone else notice what a great year this is for strawberries? They’re so sweet and crazy-juicy! They’re high in fiber, filled with water and contain lots of flavonoids. Research from Harvard Medical School shows that flavonoids are fantastic in hunger-busting weight loss foods. This is because they actually work in your body to help you to drop the pounds and prevent new weight from coming back!