There are many workout routines devised to attain different levels of physical fitness. Most of these workout routines are general. They incorporate exercises that are quite commonly performed in gyms. However, there are certain workout routines that are quite strange. They involve unconventional techniques and exercises. Let’s look at some of the strangest workout routines ever created:

Pole-Dancing Workout Routine

One of the strangest workout routines is the pole-dancing routine. This workout routine is specifically for women. The routines are known as cardio striptease. However, they are quite the contrary of what they actually sound like. There is no doubt that these classes are inspired by strippers; in some cases, the routines are devised by strippers. However, women are not required to strip during the workout.

The sole purpose of this routine, rather, is to promote flexibility and muscle strength. These workouts progress gradually. The easy or beginner routines are performed first. Gradually, women move up to advanced routines. In addition to physical fitness, this workout routine aims to build confidence.

Circus Exercises

Circus employees have unbelievable strength. They can perform extraordinary stunts because they are in top physical shape. The athletic ability of circus performers has inspired the circus exercise workout. This workout routine incorporates a number of circus stunts.

There are certain safety measures taken to ensure that that the participants do not get injured. The best thing about circus routines is that they can be performed at a regular gym. No special equipment is required, and doing so offers many benefits. This workout routine enables you to maximize your strength goals. The best part is that you get to learn and practice cool stunts.

Karaoke Exercise

If you enjoy karaoke, this is the best exercise routine for you. Not only do you get to enjoy your favorite pastime, but you can exercise at the same time. The exercises you perform include vigorous cardio routines and aerobics. The aim of the classes is to encourage individuals to work out properly. The intense routines keep the participants involved in the workout rather than in the singing. If you are not into singing, there are other workouts you can try.

Hula Exercise Routine

There is no doubt that a hula hoop can be a great exercise tool. However, it has also made its way onto the strangest workout routines list. Hula exercises are becoming increase popular. Using the hoop, you can work out not only your waist but also your thighs and hands. You will require some practice, but eventually you will become good at it. The best part is that you will be able to master this exercise routine in little time. Once you do, you can try the various exercises and lose weight to get in shape.

These are some of the strangest workout routines that are followed dedicatedly by many people and actually work.