The healthiest diets are those that reduce packaged foods and processed foods as much as possible. But for many people, eliminating those foods is inconvenient and pretty much impossible. So the next best thing would be to enjoy healthy packaged meals that are so good for you that even dietitians approve them. Check out some of those options below so you can follow a balanced diet while achieving great weight loss results.

Earthbound Farms

Earthbound Farms provides healthy packaged meals, like the Southwest Power Meal Bowl. This contains all of the ingredients necessary to make a tasty and hearty salad. It is a mix of baby greens, black bean and corn salsa, tortilla chips, tomatillo-avocado dressing, and sunflower seeds, and it is sure to fill you up without undoing your diet.

Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s Kitchen is a great brand that offers healthy packaged meals for those who wish to follow a plant-based diet or who want to incorporate more plant-based options into their diet. The company uses organic, fresh, and natural ingredients. Check out their Tofu Scramble with Veggies and Hashbrowns, which packs a whopping 22 grams of protein, along with plenty of energizing carbs, all while being low in calories.

Cucina & Amore

If you are in search of a brand that will provide you with packaged lunch meals that will be healthy and filling, check out the options from Cucina & Amore. A good choice would be the Quinoa Meal, which contains roasted peppers and artichoke. You will be getting a good dose of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein to keep you going through the rest of the day.

Red’s Natural Foods

Another brand that prides itself on giving people healthy packaged foods is Red’s. The veggie burrito bowl is a hearty and healthy alternative to fast food chains like Chipotle, and it contains vegetables and beans that combine to give you 6 grams of fiber. Plus, the brown rice will provide whole grain energy too. And this is also a great option for those who are following a gluten free diet.

As you can see, as long as you know what brands to stick with, and as long as you carefully read labels, you can find packaged meals that are actually pretty good for you. Just remember that you should eat these meals in moderation and focus more of your attention on consuming homemade meals that are made with whole food ingredients.