It’s one way to evaluate where you are currently at with your lifestyle and therefore learning how to perform a fitness test on yourself can be quite helpful. When you start any sort of exercise program you want to know what your current level may be. This may seem easy, particularly if you are coming from either a sedentary or truly active lifestyle, but there is much more to it. This ensures that you safely approach workouts and that you only work within your own level. So before you start any class or work with a personal trainer or begin any regimen within fitness, you want to do a thorough evaluation.

In thinking through how to perform a fitness test you want to begin with evaluating your pulse. You want to take your pulse at rest and you also want to take it doing a moderate activity such as briskly walking. So place your fingers over your wrist and measure your pulse over the course of 30-60 seconds while you sit still. Then do the same after you engage in a few minutes of moderate activity. This can give you an idea of your heartbeat and your pulse rate and therefore you can see how you measure up. Knowing your resting rate is just as important as your active rate, so remember that always.

It’s About Measuring Where You Are Currently At

Another way that you can perform a fitness test is to see how much you can take on. If you go into a lab or doctor’s office and they give you a stress test, you are asked to walk on a treadmill at various levels and intensities. You can measure this yourself and see where you stack up. Simply mix it up and try different intervals and see how you can handle them. This is not necessarily an official fitness test, but it’s a great way to determine your starting point. You can always work up from where you are at, but you need to first see what you can handle.

Another very popular way to perform a fitness test is by seeing how many sit ups or pull ups or pushups you can do in a minute. There are ways to evaluate this, but if nothing else you can use this as your own measure. You can pass this information along to a personal trainer or just have it for your own use as you head into a class. Most people find that when they see their fitness level right there before them, that there is always a way to work up. Being in tune to any limitations that you have and knowing your current fitness level is a great way to ensure that you keep with the program and never push yourself too hard.