A sequence of movements involving more than one major muscle group and multiple joints is called a combination weight exercise. This type of fitness exercise usually merges upper and lower body workouts in one routine. The top combination exercises ensure you work on multiple muscle groups in a single exercise increasing your balance and strength.

Combination exercises can help squeeze out excellent results while spending less time at the gym. This routine garners better results as it allows you to expend a greater number of calories in a shorter amount of time. Isolation exercises (exercises using only one muscle to power the movement) don’t let you lift as much weight, since you are only working out one muscle. However, combination exercises force you to use more than one muscle group, hence allowing you to lift heavier weights and burn two to three times more calories compared to performing isolation exercises.

By meshing together multiple movements and muscles in one exercise, your training routine is rendered significantly more effective. Isolation exercises do not have much practical applicability as common tasks in daily life require multiple movements. This is an added benefit with combination exercises, as they are more functional and will help you out the next time you want to lift a heavy box.

A beginner can benefit from weight machines to help build new muscles. However, weight training machines isolate one muscle at a time and are not suitable if you want to a have combination of upper and lower body workouts. For instance, your body is sitting in a chair when using leg extension equipment so only your quadriceps get a workout. There is no exertion on any other muscles and muscles are not relied upon to keep your body’s balance.
Combination exercises work best with free weights and there’s no limit as to which accessories you may use. You can use your own body weight or add some pounds by grabbing onto barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands or medicine balls. When doing free weights strength training, you will have to use your muscles to balance and stabilize your body while performing the movement.

To get the most out of your combined upper and lower body workouts use multiple muscles in one exercise. For instance, you can lift a medicine ball overhead while doing a forward lunge. This combined exercise will force you to use all of your leg muscles along with your core and shoulder muscles. To start, stand while grasping the medicine ball with arms straight out and feet together. Take a step in front with one leg, contracting your abs and stabilizing your body with the leg which has not moved. Lower your leg 90o while pushing the medicine ball with your arms directly above you. Gradually bring the ball and then your leg back to your starting stance.

Combining upper and lower body workouts in one exercise is not to be taken lightly, as the chances of injury are greater. So many different muscles are working together, increasing this risk. Before tackling combined exercises, ensure your individual muscles are strong enough and master the movements before combining movement and weight.