OMG, I can’t believe I’m already writing this piece about how I’m going to keep the weight off through the holidays, but here it is.  How in this year of all years did it get to be October already? I’m absolutely shocked that such a slow-moving year will already have me talking about my strategy including my go-to diet pill during the holiday season.

How I plan to Keep the Weight Off Through the Holidays

This year’s holidays are different from previous years.  I’m trying to see that in a positive light.  Yes, I’ll definitely be heading to fewer parties and gatherings.  Many of the ones that had been tentatively planned have recently been wiped right off the calendar. I’m okay with that.  It’s what 2020 requires to keep everyone safe, considering where I live.

Still, it’s not as though being able to keep the weight off through the holidays is going to happen automatically just because I’m not going to as many celebrations.  It’s still going to take some effort. Yes, I won’t be going to a work Christmas party this year. However, that doesn’t mean that gingerbread men have been cancelled.  I just know that whether I’m at a coffee shop or a grocery store, those little guys are going to get purchased! Therefore, I’m arming myself early.

I’ve decided on a few important efforts I’m going to stick to, which include eating, exercise, sleep, stress, and support for the whole deal.

How My Go-To Diet Pill During the Holiday Season Will Help

I’m not dumb enough to think that I’m not going to eat a few treats now and again.  After all, if there’s any Christmas season that deserves a bit of forgiveness when it comes to indulging in baked goods and rich foods, it’s this one.

However, I still intend to be reasonable during average days.  Yes, there will be weekend goofiness.  I’m particularly prone to eating sweet treats on Saturday nights. However, during the week, other than, yes, the occasional gingerbread man, where my particular weakness lies, I will focus on eating nutritious foods to keep up my physical and mental health while keeping down my calories.

Supporting me in my efforts? PHENBLUE.  It’s my go-to diet pill during the holiday season because its ingredients are all clinically researched, and it will help keep my energy and focus high and give my metabolism an extra hand, too.