It comes in all sizes and all bright colors, is pleasing to the eyes, and gives a kick start to the senses with its refreshing tanginess. Guess what it is? Did you think lemons, because that is correct! One of the most common, natural fruits that is spread across all cuisines and is so infinitely versatile that it can be used in main courses, desserts, appetizers and of course even drinks!

Lemon’s ubiquity does not end here because it has been known for cleaning, aromatherapy and making great ayurvedic ointments.

Lemon has antibacterial and fat-melting qualities that allow it to be highly beneficial for people. This is why in recent years lemon has become an extremely common household and commercial product.

Lemon water is a great drink for the morning that has few calories, 28 to be precise, and provides the fundamental nutrition that benefits your body through and through. An omnipotent elixir of the heavens, it contains 128% vitamin C. Here is a look at the healthful benefits of drinking lemon water:

Vitamin C in lemon water helps remove the toxins from the body , which enhances kidney, liver, and GIT functions.

The molecular structure of lemon is similar to that of digestive juices in the stomach that causes it to keep producing bile and this aids the food to keep moving smoothly in the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, it is a great remedy for constipation, and one of the many healthful benefits of drinking lemon water.

Lemons are Bloody Rich
Lemons are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, fiber pectin and of course, have loads of Vitamin C!

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is an essential vitamin we cannot produce on our own so it’s important for us to have a lot of it in our diet. Well guess what, the lemon drink you will be sipping on soon is power-packed with all the vitamin C you will ever need.

As an Immunity booster
This Vitamin C is essential for boosting your immune system as it stimulates white blood cell production helping to keep colds and flu at bay. So, next time, be sure to use this remedy if you find a sneezing family or friend in a phlegmy-frenzied distress!

As an Anti-oxidant: Skin Rejuvenator
It is also an effective antioxidant that helps fight oxidative damage by keeping free radicals at bay and stimulating collagen production. Therefore, it is a great inexpensive and au naturel anti-aging solution as it helps reduce wrinkles and rejuvenates and brightens the skin! So, all you beautiful women in your graceful fifties make a smart financial move and replace your over-expensive, money-sucking, anti-aging supplements and creams and enjoy the healthful benefits of drinking lemon water instead.