It’s great to have goals within fitness and so if you are trying to run a mile nonstop you need to work towards it. Think first of where you are starting at with your fitness status as that matters tremendously. More than likely if you are trying to work up to a mile you are starting from a sedentary lifestyle or just a beginner runner status. That’s okay and you can always work your way up. You want to start by incorporating a bit of activity day in and day out to get your body moving and used to this. You are going to build upon that but having a good solid starting point matters tremendously. This is how you work towards progress!

You may need to start with brisk walking, and this can happen outside or on the treadmill. You are going to slowly start to incorporate short bursts of jogging to get to a point where you can run a mile nonstop. You will walk for say 3 minutes and then lightly jog for about a minute. Then you go back to walking for another 3 minutes and then jogging. Try to alternate this routine for about a half hour and be patient with yourself. Even with these intervals it’s not easy to jog, but you will build up to it. You want to continuously increase the intervals so that you then end up jogging for 2 minutes and walking for 2 minutes. Just keep building on and see how this works for you.

Keep Changing Up Your Intervals and It Will Lead You To Success

You want to increase the amount of time that you jog, but you also want to increase the intensity as well. You will start to move from a light jog to an all out sprint, but this will take you some time. As you work towards the point that you can run a mile nonstop you are going to have to work at the frequency and intensity so that you get a routine down that works for you. So make your goal to run full force for say five minutes straight and then allow yourself a minute of walking. You start to change it up so that you are running more than walking, but you give yourself the short walking interval in between. This will help tremendously with conditioning.

As you begin to really accept running and get more endurance, then you want to try for distance. It may be that you can only make it for 10 minutes running, and that’s okay. Give yourself your walking rest and then get back to it. Eventually you will be up to the point where you run a mile nonstop and then you can walk afterwards. This takes perseverance and may take you awhile to build up to, but keep adding on and incorporating intervals. If you take your time with the intensity and the frequency this will help a lot. Then you can celebrate your running accomplishment and keep moving towards a new fitness goal.