Overcomplicated menu plans and ingredients that cost you half your paycheck are all bad ideas for a weight loss plan. What you need is a healthy diet menu that is easy to implement and follow, even when you are short on time and when you are running late or overslept. These should be simple menus that can be whipped up on the weekend and frozen to be used all week.

Any healthy diet menu you plan on following in order to lose weight should be based on three basic principles to be used as an effective way to lose weight. Let’s take a look at the three basic principles:

The healthy diet menu should be easy to prepare. The last thing you want to do is spend a large part of your day before or after work preparing meals for the next day. Although the fruit of all these efforts will no doubt be healthy and effective but there are only so many times you will find yourself in the mood to put in all that effort required after a tough day at work.

The healthy diet menu should not have a long list of difficult to find ingredients that are so costly that you have to spend the second half of the month eating yoghurt with a spoon because you are too broke to be able to afford anything else. The ingredients in these meal plans should be easily available and they should also be easy on the pocket. Ideally, you should keep away from meal plans that require a large number of ingredients as these meals are usually overly complicated and costly.

The meals should freeze well so that you can prepare them in large batches and freeze them to use whenever you want. Any ideal meal plan should allow you to create large batches of the meals so that you can just grab the container from the freezer every morning before leaving for work.

You should also look into meal plans that allow you to have smoothies for breakfast every morning as smoothies are not only healthy but they are great on the go and easy to whip up as well. You should look for some easy breakfast recipes that can be prepared within minutes to ensure you do not skip out on breakfast when you are running late. You can also buy whole and healthy cereals that just require you to add milk and eat.

When it comes to lunches, try to go for grilled or steamed lean poultry or fish with steamed vegetables or crispy, fresh salads. These are ideal lunch ideas because they are easily available everywhere, and they are also easy to prepare at home. If you are not picky, you can eat the same meal for dinner as well.

A healthy diet menu should always focus around eating healthy and whole foods. If it follows the three principles defined above and is also based on healthy ingredients, you are all set to start losing weight using the healthy menu.