There are many types of nutrients that your body needs. Everything that you eat provides your body with one or more of these nutrients. One of the most important parts of your diet is fiber.

Surprisingly, fiber does not provide your body much. It does not contain fats or calories, nor does it provide any significant energy to the body. Moreover, fibers are not even digested by the body. Yet, they are extremely essential for the body. There are many complications that can arise in the body if you are not getting enough fiber. Let’s look at the complications and dangers of not getting enough fiber in your diet.


One of the main complications that can arise because of low fiber consumption is constipation. Fiber may not be digested by the body, but it plays an important part in keeping your digestive system healthy and in working order. The enzymes and nutrients in the fiber help soften the stool. If an individual is not consuming enough fiber, the stool might harden. Hardened stool will not be able to pass easily through the digestive tract.

Rise in Blood Pressure

Fiber also controls the flow of blood by regulating the blood vessels. This is why getting enough fiber is extremely important. If not, you could end up with issues such as high blood pressure or low blood pressure. A rise or drop in blood pressure can cause serious complications. This is why you should make it a point to consume plenty of fibers. It will not only keep you full but will also regulate your cardiovascular health.

Diseases of the Cardiovascular System

Fiber controls the cholesterol buildup in the body. In turn, it decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This means that low fiber consumption can increase the risk of you falling victim to cardiovascular diseases. On average, you should make it an aim to consume about 25 grams of fiber daily. If you want to decrease the chance of getting cardiovascular diseases, you should increase this intake by another 10 grams.

Weight Gain

Fiber controls the absorption of fat in the body. If you are not consuming enough fiber, your body will consume more fat, which results in weight gain. If you consume more fiber, the fat will be passed out through your stool instead of being stored in your body.

Another issue, which is quite commonly caused by consuming less fiber, is fluctuating blood sugar levels. This is why it is important to consume as much fiber as possible.