Chocolate is a food that is delicious and consumed all over the world. Unfortunately, one cannot consume a lot of chocolate without packing on a few extra pounds. This is why many fitness enthusiasts do not eat chocolate at all. However, there are a few ways to consume chocolate in a healthy manner. Let’s look at some of the healthiest ways to indulge in more chocolate:

Chocolate-Flavored Protein Shake

One of the best ways to satisfy your craving for chocolate is to keep a chocolate-flavored protein shake at hand. The trick, however, is not to stock up on only one or two different flavors of protein shake. The idea is to consume different-flavored shakes every day. Only when you crave for chocolate should you go for the chocolate-flavored protein shake. If you indulge in more chocolate by consuming a protein shake, you will satisfy your craving without gaining extra pounds and calories. Protein shakes are specially formulated to help with muscle recovery post-workout, but they don’t promote fat gain.

Oatmeal with Cocoa Powder

Another healthy way to indulge in more chocolate is to add cocoa powder to oatmeal. Oatmeal is tasteless but extremely nutritious. Since it contains an extensive quantity of fibers, it will keep you full for longer. When you add cocoa powder to it, you will gain a few calories, but the fiber in oatmeal should balance it out. This way you can consume chocolate whenever you feel like without accumulating extra pounds. It is a perfectly healthy way to consume chocolate.

Chocolate Spread with Avocados and Dates

Avocados and dates are nutritious and provide you lots of energy. If you want to use chocolate as a spread, you should make one that uses avocados and dates as the base. This will give a unique chocolaty taste to the spread. Since you are using avocados and dates as the base, you won’t have to use too much chocolate. You can enjoy the flavor and indulge in more chocolate without having to worry about your weight.

Fruits Dipped in Chocolate

There are many healthy ways to consume chocolate. One of the healthiest ways to consume chocolate is to eat chocolate-dipped fruits. Firstly, you get to enjoy the amazing flavor of chocolate. Secondly, you get nutrition and fiber from fruits. It is, in fact, a healthy snacking option.

With these healthy ways of consuming chocolate, you can eat as much as you want!