Weight loss is one phenomenon that keeps evolving and remains on the list of things to do and goals to accomplish. It’s been on top of the charts of the New Year’s resolutions for a long time. There have been weight reduction programs, supplements, diet pills, gym memberships, diet plans and even lifestyle philosophies in the market over the past few decades which promise to benefit you effortlessly.

Almost everyone, at least once in their life, tries to lose weight. Many people fail; some win the game; and some never give up even though they are doing it wrong and it doesn’t work. However, obesity impacts their life negatively, so they continue in the hopes of achieving their goal. Sure, no one can deny the importance of weight loss, but there are a few things left unsaid. Here are 10 things about weight loss no one talks about:

1. Starving yourself is not a solution.

You can’t keep count of the calories you consume. Forget noting everything you eat. Going crazy on the calorie count may inform you about the food intake and help you understand how much you can eat in order to maintain the calorie deficit. But logically thinking, how long will you be able to do this? Can you do it for rest of your life? The answer in most cases is “no” because it’s not easy. At the start, you are motivated, so it sounds fine, but later on it will get on your nerves.

2. Exercise is important.

If you will not move, then you are not going to lose weight. Any diet plan that attracts you because it doesn’t include any exercise is nothing more than a quick fix. Keep in mind, you reap what you sow.

3. You also are what you eat, no matter how much you exercise.

Most fitness enthusiasts believe that after a heavy, high-intensity workout, they can feast on anything of their choice and doing extra exercise liberates them from closely looking at what they consume since they will shed the extra fat and calories through workouts. If you want to have truly astounding results, then switch to natural, organic food items. Avoid processed junk food as much as you can. Limit the intake of all the things that have side effects, such as alcohol.

4. Consistency is the key for long-term weight loss success.

If you don’t continue, you better be ready for accepting the “old fat you” because you will re-accumulate the lost fat in a shorter period than you needed to lose it. Without consistency, all your efforts go in vain. They prove futile if you don’t promise to yourself to commit to the lifestyle changes. No “lose 30 lbs. in 30 days” plan is going to work for more than another 30 days if you just start and stop after the first 30 days.

5. Of the 10 things about weight loss that need to be discussed

more openly, the most important to know is this one: Nutraceutical diet pills supplements, including over-the-counter medicines, work for a short time, but long-term use can cause harmful side-effects, resulting in potentially fatal diseases. There is no quick fix. Only go for natural, herbal complementary solutions like green tea.

6. You can have fun while losing weight.

It doesn’t have to be boring. Exercises and healthy meals can be a refreshing experience. Look out for ways to experiment with your regimen.

7. Besides the side-effects of any product

that you bought for instant, easy weight loss, you are going to have a lot more skin after the weight loss, so be prepared for it.

8. There is a chance you may hurt yourself

severely through exercise. Be ready to embrace the pain, as no pain equals no gain, but also know your limits. If it truly hurts (as opposed to being difficult or uncomfortable), don’t do it!

9. Weight loss takes time.

Most of the things you read on the ads for weight loss programs are not true. You don’t get into the best shape of your life in just a few days. It takes time, so you have to be patient.

10. There will be problems.

Most people consider weight loss a key solution to their problems. A healthy lifestyle positively changes your health, but there will be other things you will have to deal with, and it will take you some time to adapt to the change.

So these are 10 things about weight loss no one usually talks about. Now that you know, you can go in prepared for the worst and expecting the best.