Just because you have entered assisted living in your senior years certainly does not mean that you need to become less active. Instead, the opposite is true: you should make it a point to stay as active as possible throughout your golden years, as that will help you stay limber and mobile. So continue reading for a few tips on how to remain active in assisted living.

Going for Short Walks

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise for people of all ages, so if you want to remain active in assisted living, making it a point to walk at least once a day will be a great start. Even if it just a short 5-minute walk outside, this is a wonderful way to get some fresh air and get the blood flowing, especially if you spend most of the day sitting down.

Performing Low-Impact Exercises as a Group

A high quality assisted living facility will make it easy for seniors to remain active, and they will offer a variety of opportunities for seniors to exercise on a consistent basis. The key is to focus on low-impact workouts, like gentle strength building routines with light weights or easy swimming classes. Physical therapy is also a good way to keep seniors moving without causing any harm. Overall, the goal is to boost not only mobility and strength, but also mood, and working out as a group is a great way to bring seniors together to have some fun while being social.

Getting Outside Regularly

Spending time in the great outdoors is beneficial to the health of both body and mind. In addition to taking short walks, seniors can also socialize outside, enjoy their meals outside, and perhaps even play games, such as card games, while getting fresh air and sunshine.

Staying Mentally Active

In addition to remaining physically active, it is also vitally important that seniors in assisted living facilities also have ample opportunities to remain mentally active as well. The right facility will allow seniors to participate in a variety of discussions, creative classes, arts and crafts, and much more. Again, socializing with one another in a fun and relaxed manner will also be beneficial.

If you know someone who will be going into assisted living and you want to help them stay healthy, let them know about the many ways that they can remain active in assisted living. After all, staying active can have a profoundly positive effect upon their physical and mental wellbeing.