Why should exercises for calorie burning matter to you? The key to making sure that your body is burning as many calories as possible is quite simple. You need to keep a varied activity routine with moves that challenge you and that are focused on toning muscles and burning fat. However, this can be easier said than done when you don’t know the individual exercises to include in your workout to produce this result.

Variety is Key to Exercises That Get the Most Calorie Burning

Though there may be certain specific exercises that you like the most, if you are sticking to the same thing all of the time, then you won’t be maximizing the potential of your calorie burning. Any given exercise may have its own benefits, but each one is limited to its own intensity or the muscle groups it works, so it’s important to mix things up.

Just as you need to include a large number of different foods in your diet to make sure that you obtain the maximum balanced nutrition, you also need to add variety to your exercising so that your muscles can get a great workout and never “settle” into a routine that will reduce challenge and burning.

How to Get Started

To get your calorie burning workout started, the first thing that you will want to do is ditch that workout that you usually consider to be your go-to option. You don’t need to give it up forever, but you will need to get rid of it for now because you need to confuse things a little. When you change things up in your workout, your body will automatically work harder because the movements are unfamiliar. This causes more calories to burn and more muscles to build. This is especially true when it comes to flexibility and strength training.


In terms of a cardio workout, you don’t need to completely eliminate the exercise that you love, you just have to shake it up a little. At least once per week, choose an activity that is completely different. For example, if you usually power walk five times per week, exchange one of those days for laps at the pool. If you usually ride a stationary bike, go for a rowing machine or a treadmill.


You can also shake up the intensity of your workout to keep things different and increase your burning. Start the first day at an average rate, then boost the intensity on the second workout of the week. Up things even further during the third session. This will make sure that your body never knows exactly what to expect, leading it to work harder.

Strength Training

If you are an individual who sticks to the old standards like squats and crunches, get yourself an exercise ball and a video that shows you how to use it properly – or have your trainer at the gym show you some moves. This will help to change the way that you are working the same muscle groups, leading them to work harder. This will help you to build more lean muscle while blasting away calories in the meantime.

It’s easy to think that you can skip strength training because it’s not the type of exercises that burn the most calories while you do them.  However, it’s still important to keep up those efforts, too.  They help you to maintain a stronger body so you’re less likely to injure yourself during other types of exercise.  Moreover, you may not get as much of a burn while you’re doing the workout, but the lean muscle you’ll build and maintain will help you to burn through more both while you’re doing your workouts and while you’re idle, too.  A muscular body burns more even while sleeping than a body with less muscle.

Consider the Right Fitness Supplements for Calorie Burning During Exercises

If you really feel that your exercises should be getting more calorie burning than they are, think about whether fitness supplements are right for you. Learn about how thermogenics work and what that could do for your overall workout outcomes.  You may find that with the right workout choices, foods and supplement ingredients can help you to enhance your current burn rate in a way that gives yourself a much better advantage.

After all, no single component is going to make sure you max out your performance and your burn.  However, when you combine the right factors, you’ll be able to skyrocket your body’s rate of fat burning.  This strategy to get more calorie burning from your exercises can make a big difference in your progress toward your goals.