Even though you may suffer from some very embarrassing symptoms, there are certain ones that could actually indicate serious illness. Therefore, you should not remain quiet about these symptoms, no matter how embarrassed you may feel when you are talking about them. And remember, thanks to doctor-patient confidentiality, you should never be afraid to talk to your doctor about any symptoms that you may be having, no matter how strange they might be.

Which embarrassing symptoms, in particular, should you never stay quiet about? Keep reading for a short list below.

You Sweat Constantly

If you think you have been sweating more than average, you should make an appointment with your doctor because you may be suffering from hyperhidrosis. The majority of people will sweat roughly a liter each day, but about three people in every 100 people will produce as much as ten times that amount of sweat in a day. If you are sweating constantly, no matter your stress level or activity level, your sweat glands are obviously activated too much, and you need to get treatment to get them under control.

You Have Painful Bowel Movements

Embarrassing symptoms involving your bowel movements should not be ignored and should be checked by a doctor. You could have painful bowel movements and blood in your stools because you are passing stool too infrequently or too frequently, or you may have hemorrhoids, fissures, or trauma. But if your symptoms persist, it could be more serious, and an exam will hopefully rule out things.

Unexplained Bloating

Bloating that occurs without explanation should also be discussed with your doctor. Sure, you can become bloated from eating or drinking too much, but if you have unexplained bloating, or if your bloating occurs along with other symptoms like bowel or urinary frequency or pain in the abdominal area, you will want to find out the cause. Your doctor might test for celiac disease or other digestive disorders, as well as fibroids and ovarian cancer.

This is a short list of just a few of the many embarrassing symptoms that you should never ignore if you want to maintain your health and get the right treatment for a potentially serious ailment right away. Remember, your doctor has already probably seen and heard it all, as well as studied about it in school, so there is absolutely no reason why you should feel at all ashamed about talking about your body with him or her. It could make a big difference.