People have been trying various methods of losing weight for ages. Some have used a variety of weight loss supplements, while others have attempted different diets to accomplish this goal. If you try a crash diet, it is likely you will lose weight rather quickly. In a number of cases, crash diets revolve around the idea of a restricted intake of calories. This means you not only cut down the quantity of food you eat, but also the food you choose to eat should have few calories.

All those who stick to a crash diet may be concerned about the health hazards the diet can cause. Therefore, there are some factors that must be taken into consideration before going on a crash diet.

Things to Consider:
As you drastically cut down calories, there can be a loss of crucial nutrients. Moreover, being on a crash diet for longer periods of time can cause malnutrition. While on a crash diet, make sure you are taking multivitamins.

A common problem associated with crash diets is you are likely to put the weight right back on as soon as the diet is over, possibly because weight loss with a crash diet is mainly due to a loss of liquid.

Take a note of your caffeine intake when you are on a crash diet. As several crash diets require an increased quantity of caffeine during the day, this elevated caffeine intake may affect the heart and cause it to pump rapidly.

Selecting the right crash diet that works can be a challenge for you. Several diet experts claim the best crash diets are juice diets and the one involving cabbage soups.

It is important to understand that a crash diet is an overall change in your lifestyle. Because you cut down your calorie intake, it is hard to feel full and you may crash during your crash diet. An effective crash diet includes vegetables and some fruits also. When you couple it with an exercise routine, you can speed up the results of your crash diet. However, keep in mind that due to a low calorie intake, your energy levels are also down.

Here are a few crash diets that have been proven to provide exceptional results.

Yeast Free Diet
Cutting out yeast from your diet can produce immaculate weight loss results. Skipping cookies, cakes, muffins and bread may sound like a bad idea to you, but your body will soon get accustomed to it.

Lemonade Diet
This diet claims to cleanse your kidneys and digestive system. You can drink an average of eight to 10 glasses of lemonade every day.

Cardiac Diet
Also referred to as the 3-day diet, the cardiac diet, is often used in hospitals for cardiac patients who need to lose some weight before going into surgery. According to this diet, the patient can follow the diet strictly for three days, and then eat as per his needs for four days.