Do you want to live as long as possible? Then you need to take steps while you are young to establish a very strong body and mind, as well as a positive attitude. You can also look for lifestyle tips for longevity from those who have reached a very old age.

Check out the tips below from some of the oldest people on record to find out how they were able to live so long. Perhaps if you follow suit, you may live to 100, too.

Avoid Eating Processed Foods, and Stick with Fresh Foods
A woman named Filomena Taipe Mendoza, who lived to be 117 years old, attributed her long life to eating a diet that was filled with natural foods straight from her own garden. She never consumed processed foods and did not recommend that you do either. And experts would also agree that this is one of the best lifestyle tips for longevity, no matter where you live in the world.

Always Make It a Point to Get Enough Sleep
Another woman named Misao Okawa lived to the age of 117 years, and she was still exercising when she was 102 years old. She was also able to walk on her own until she was 110 years old, and after that, she used a wheelchair on her own as well. Her advice for living so long was to get a good night’s sleep that included at least 8 hours of rest. She also ate three big meals every day, and she liked to eat a lot of sushi.

Some Unconventional Advice on Living Long
Not all people who make it to 100+ years of age have practical advice that experts would agree with when it comes to reaching that age. For example, Jeanne Calment, who lived to an incredible 122 years, said that she liked to drink Port wine, eat a couple of pounds of chocolate every week, and treat her skin using olive oil. She smoked until she was 117 years old, rode her bike until she was 100 years old, and even took up fencing at the age of 85.

These are just a few of the many lifestyle tips for longevity that have been offered up by supercentenarians and centenarians. Are you already following their advice, or do you need to make changes to your lifestyle and your diet to be able to make your body stronger and more resilient?