People who opt for diet-loss pills are usually excited about trying the magic pill that will finally help them get some real results. One of the most commonly asked questions by such people, who are looking for weight loss pills to shed the extra pounds on their frames, is about the difference between Phen-D and Phentermine. It is always better to find out all you can about your weight loss pill before you start the treatment as it is always better to make an informed decision instead of ending up regretting anything later.

The Differences

Phen-D and Phentermine are both weight loss supplements that promise effective results. However, Phen-D is available over the counter whereas Phentermine is a prescription drug. Phentermine, which is more commonly known by the name Adipex, is a prescription drug. It is approved by the FDA and is usually prescribed by doctors to people who need to lose weight but are unable to do so due to not being able to control their appetite. It helps suppress appetite and allows people to control their portions and thereby lose weight. It influences the nervous system to keep hunger at bay and control cravings, which is what most people trying to lose weight desire.

Phentramin D is also created under the regulations of the FDA. However, it can simply be purchased over the counter without any prescription by anyone looking to lose weight.

The Similarities

Phen-D and Phentermine both have the same properties, as they help in controlling appetite, boost metabolism, and help control cravings. They do so by releasing chemicals that influence the nervous system. This way, you can get the benefits of the prescription drug at your convenience if you are going for Phen-D.

Another similarity between the two drugs is that they both have to be taken as a part of a healthy diet and fitness regime, without which their effectiveness would be compromised. However, due to the fact that they help boost energy while curbing your appetite, eating healthy and staying active becomes comparatively easier. This is actually one of the best aspects of Phen-D and Phentermine as they help get people trying to lose weight into a healthy lifestyle that they can continue even when they have lost the desired amount of weight. By contrast, other drugs on the market make you into an addict who cannot maintain weight without regular use of the medicine.

By helping to eliminate the cravings that most people feel, which also becomes a barrier to their desired weight-loss goal, these weight loss pills help them finally shed the extra pounds. You can enjoy a slimmer, trimmer body with the satisfaction that you worked for it. Although it makes the work easier, you do need to put in the extra effort in order to get the results you want by eating healthy and staying active.

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