Are you headed to Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit on your next vacation? If you are, you’re sure to spend some time at some fantastic beaches, bars and restaurants.  That said, if you want your trip to involve more activities, then you’re in luck.  This part of the country has something for you, no matter what your tastes and interests.

Activities for Your Next Vacation

Before you head away on your next vacation to Riviera Nayarit, check out some of the fun, fascinating and exciting things you can do.

Zip Lining

Do you love activities that get your adrenaline flowing?  Or are you interested in giving one a try for the first time on your next vacation? Zip lining must definitely make it onto your activities list.  This is your best chance to feel like you’re flying high over the jungle canopy.  Once you get to the end, you can head to the tequila bar that is a part of the end of your tour or, if you’re hungry, you can step over to the nearby authentic Mexican riverfront restaurant.

Tierra Huichol Malecon Art Gallery

If you’re interested in taking in some local culture, then the Tierra Huichol Malecon Art Gallery is a great option.  This gallery spotlights Huichol artwork created by local artists.  The curators at this gallery seek out particularly unique pieces to display from Jalisco and Nayarit’s Huichol communities.  Expect to see dazzling bright colors forming traditional symbols on many of the pieces displayed.  This is artwork you won’t see anywhere else in the world.  Keep a special eye open for the fantastic yarn paintings created with meticulous care and unparalleled detail.


Tourists don’t usually focus on casinos when they take a trip to Mexico.  However, the casinos in the country can be a great deal of fun.  The reason tourists don’t tend to focus on them here is that the majority of tourists to the country are from Canada and the United States.  Canadians have casinos already available to them locally, so they don’t have to go anywhere to experience them and therefore choose other activities while they’re away.  Americans, on the other hand, tend to head to Caribbean islands for casino resorts. That said, you’ll find awesome casinos at the Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta, the Paradise Village Beach Resort and Spa, and the Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta.

Ready for Your Next Vacation?

Get ready to have a great time on your next vacation by choosing these additional activities on top of the beaches, bars and restaurants.