NBC’s Strong TV show is a competition television show that’s unlike any other. The contestants are encouraged to embark upon a truly transformative fitness journey that will allow them to achieve their highest potential. They will learn that being healthy and fit goes beyond merely losing weight and hitting the right number of the scale. Instead, they ultimately realize that health is the balance between mind and body, and getting stronger in both mind and body.

There are a lot of lessons that the contestants can learn from the Strong TV show, but there are also many lessons that viewers can learn, and some of them are listed below.

Anyone Can Awaken Their Inner Athlete
As you watch the contestants on the Strong TV show work very hard to meet their goals, it becomes clear pretty quickly that anyone can do exactly what they are doing. The show is designed to inspire both the contestants and the viewers, so there is no reason to be jealous of all of the things that the contestants end up achieving. Instead, it should inspire you to begin a routine that will also awaken your inner athlete. Everyone has an inner athlete that is waiting to be awakened, whether or not you ever took part in competitive sports.

Fitness Starts in the Kitchen
A lot of people spend a lot of time at the gym, doing their best to shed those excess pounds, slim down, and build muscles that they will be proud to show off. But it turns out that fitness starts in your kitchen, and that is one of the lessons the contestants and viewers of Strong can use every day to become healthier.

Focusing on what you eat will provide your body with the foundation it needs to do things like develop sexy, strong abdominals. Also, with the right nutrition fueling your body, you can hit the gym and go for 30 minutes of high intensity workouts that involve your entire body by blending cardio and strength.

Stay Hydrated
Finally, it’s important to realize that, even though it may be tempting to drink sugary drinks and caffeinated beverages to stay energized throughout the day, in order to remain hydrated, you need to drink about two liters of water daily. This will help your body flush toxins out, particularly if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, and that’s another lesson the contestants on Strong learn.

Check out the Strong show for yourself and see what else you can learn about what it takes to be truly healthy and fit.