No matter the time of year, calorie saving snack tips can always help to make your life just a little bit simpler.  After all, whether you’re starting summer and you’re looking forward to all those refreshing snacks or it’s winter coming up and you’re looking for something a little more cinnamon spice, choosing the right options can help to decide whether your weight loss efforts achieve what you want them to.

Year-Round Simple Calorie Saving Snack Tips

Use the following snack tips to make sure that you can still enjoy all the favorites no matter the time of year, while still staying on track with your efforts for weight control!

Save 130 Calories

This is an incredibly simple calorie saving snack tip because it’s just a matter of simply swapping tortilla chips topped in guacamole for baked pita chips dipped in salsa, instead. The pita chips have larger amounts of protein than the tortilla chips but have about half of the saturated fat. Salsa is high in vitamins A and C (antioxidants) and is quite low in calories.

Save 90 Calories

Want to enjoy one of those specialty coffee drinks? Though these should still be kept only as a special treat, but to slash the calories you’re consuming, skip the whipped topping. If you still want a hit of sweetness on top, add a bit of vanilla or chocolate powder as a tasty alternative.

Save 105 Calories

While smoothies are typically very high in nutrients, they are also often chock full of diet killing calories. Next time you turn on the blender, choose green tea and its zero calories instead of your typical choice of low-fat milk. This will give a fresh flavor, will combine well with the fruits you choose, and will shrink the calories and fats in your beverage.

Save 85 Calories

When you’re craving a frozen treat, choose pops made out of all fruit instead of the type that has added sugar. You’ll also enjoy the fact that the 100 percent fruit pops – with flavors such as mango, pomegranate, and coconut – taste better because they won’t have the unpleasant lingering aftertaste associated with sickly sweet additives such as sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Save 238 Calories

Choose desserts that substitute fatty and sugary with fresh and naturally sweet. Though you may love peach pie a la mode, if you switch it up for fresh peaches with a nice big scoop of fat free vanilla frozen yogurt, you won’t lose any of that summer traditional flavor, but you will drop a huge number of calories.

Calorie Saving Snack Treats Make a Big Difference

With a few smart choices, you can still enjoy all those treats and snacks that are synonymous with deliciousness and decadence and never have to feel the guilt of straying from your diet goals.