As we age, so do our bones. It is a very good thing to maintain bone health throughout life. Our bones use many vitamins and minerals—but calcium is king—without it, your bones will become brittle and break easily and also become more porous making you more susceptible to bone disease and infection.

What affects bones and how can one maintain bone health?

Bone health is an issue in general for people—especially those over the age of 50 and women. This is because our hormonal levels will affect our organs and blood chemistry and therefore will affect the way calcium is used in our bodies. It is an important mineral and we die without it—period. So we are given supplements in chocolate and vanilla and strawberry and banana soft chewable—we are told to continue to drink organic pasteurized milk and eat foods such as cereals that are fortified with calcium. We are then doing the right thing but there are other things out there that we didn’t have before that will affect the calcium and even draw the calcium out of our bodies.

What are these things?

These calcium sucking things are medications. Some prescription and over the counter medications are the culprits. The biggest one is antacids. These antacid medications can be the prescription brands for those with GERD or heartburn, which generally turns to GERD so if you aren’t on one of these medications you soon may be. And the other are antacid tablets like TUMS. Ever notice that in some of these medications they sneak in the fortification of them with added calcium? That’s because they know full well that they are taking the calcium out of your system in order for the antacid to do it’s job in that particular medication.

This is where you have to question the doctor and the pharmacist. The pharmacist knows far more about a medication than the doctor does—the doctor only knows what the sales person tells them when they carry and prescribe the drug. The pharmacist knows if the drug will pull on your calcium reserves and why.

Summary of how to maintain bone health:

Your bone health is easy to maintain. Knowledge is the power you receive here. Build your muscles around the bones and give them a strong house to live in. Make sure you have a steady diet of calcium and supplement after the age of 40 as well as know your medications.